WP1 Pre-harvest management and precision farming-Integration of digital management and surveillance technologies

D1.1 Report on the precision agriculture measurements and the optimization and fertilization practices
D1.2 Report on the developed yield model and the identified correlations between agricultural inputs

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WP2 Development of structures containing bioactive compounds from plants and herbs

D2.1 Report on the optimization of extraction of the selected compounds
D2.2 Report on the optimization of encapsulation of the selected compounds

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WP3 Alternative osmotic dehydration procedure & high-end technology freeze and MW vacuum drying process of berries

D3.1 Report on the optimization of drying processes and quality evaluation of treated berries

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WP4 Elaboration of novel smart (prototype) edible coating with microalgae and macroalgae in order to produce products of high functionality

D4.1 Optimal formulation of edible coatings, using microalgae and macroalgae, for application on fresh and  osmotically dried products
D4.2 Report on the development of coated fresh and osmotically pre-treated products and on the evaluation of their safety, quality, nutritional and physicochemical characteristics

WP5 Model based process optimization and shelf-life assessments

D5.1 QMEA models and optimisation strategies to control mycotoxin and spoilage risk of berries

WP6 LCA and LCC analysis of commercially applicable production protocols and pre-harvest management practices on berries maturation and edible coated dried potentials

D6.1 Socio-techno-economic feasibility study and Life Cycle Assessment

WP7 Communication, Exploitation, Dissemination and Public Engagement of the FRIETS

D7.1  FRIETS Communication and Dissemination Plans and Web-portal, Blog and Social Media Groups
D7.2 Report on FRIETS Dissemination Materials, Events and Communication/ Dissemination

WP8 Project Coordination and Management

D8.1 Progress Report 1
D8.2 Mid-term project meeting
D8.3 Progress Report
D8.4 Data management plan