• There is a need to optimise production of berries towards higher nutritional value fruits rather than volume of production and the use of precision agriculture is beneficial rather than increase volume.
  • There is a need to reduce salt and sugar content of processed foods in order to be used for personalized nutrition for specific groups of people (obese, diabetic, pregnant, etc.).
  • More advanced edible coatings with improved properties are needed.
  • The interest for increased functionalities dictates the incorporation of functional ingredients into processed foods. Novel, environmentally friendly techniques are needed for maximum, green recovery of compounds. Protection of bioactive agents is also needed for maximizing bioavailability and controlled release.
  • There is a need to develop rigorous quantitative approaches that will assist on developing comparative risk assessment system for evaluating and ranking fungal and mycotoxin hazards in berries.
  • Model-based process optimization based on quality and safety properties of the berries are crucial for decision making in food operations.
  • The need to develop sustainable and environmentally friendly food products affordable for the average consumer.