FRIETS @ the 22nd International Conference ”Life Sciences for Sustainable Development”

The FRIETS project was widely presented in the 22nd International Conference ”Life Sciences for Sustainable Development”, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, between 28th– 30th September, 2023 with the following oral and poster presentations:
1. Enhancement Of Chemical And Physical Attributes In Macroalgae-Biobased Coating Materials Using Aqueous Extracts From Olive Leaves presented by Laura Mitrea, Madalina-Paula Plosca, Bernadette-Emoke Teleky, Silvia- Amalia Nemes, Mihaela-Stefania Pascuta, Adrian-Gheorghe Martau, Lavinia-Florina Calinoiu, Eleni Gogou, Christoforos Vasileiou, Magdalini Krokida, Dan-Cristian Vodnar
2. Evaluating The Social Aspects Under The Frame Of Sustainability Assessment Of Fresh And Dried Fruit Snacks presented by Sofia Papadaki, Bianca Eugenia Vodnar, Athanasios Angelis-Dimakis, Olga Serifi
3. Pre-Harvest Management And Precision Farming-Integration Of Digital Management In Berry Cultivars presented by Nicoleta Darra, Nicolas Valanides, George Papadopoulos, George Manganaris, Spyros Fountas
4. Evaluation Of Drying And Extraction Processes For Recovery Of Bioactive Compounds From Olive Leaves Using Life Cycle Analysis presented by Ioannis Maramathas, Sofia Papadaki, Onyeka Nwachokor, Athanasios Angelis-Dimakis, Olga Serifi, Bernadette-Emok Teleky, Niki Pavlou, Magdalini Krokida
5. Alternative Osmotic Dehydration Procedure & High-End Technology Freeze And Mw Vacuum Drying Process Of Berries presented by Alexandra Mari, Maria Kosma, Dorian Galea, Gheorghe Adrian Martau, Vasiliki Oikonomopoulou, Magdalini Krokida, Dan Vodnar
6. Sustainability Optimisation Of Pre-Harvesting Processes For The Production Of High-Quality Berries Through Life Cycle Analysis presented by Angelina Xyderou-Malefaki, Sofia Papadaki, Athanasios Angelis- Dimakis, Andreas Katsigiannis, Nicolas Valanides, Olga Serifi
7. Elaboration Of Novel Smart (Prototype) Edible Coating With Microalgae And Macroalgae In Order To Produce Products Of High Functionality presented by Alexandra Mari, Christoforos Vasileiou, Maria Kosma, Dorian Galea, Nicolas Valanides, Vasiliki Oikonomopoulou, Magdalini Krokida, Dan Vodnar